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When the customers look forward to invest in some product, they definitely take a peek into your website available online. This is why it is rightly called that your website is the face of your product. If you have an attractive website that elaborates everything aptly what your product demands, you are a step ahead of your competitors. Our Web design services in Bangalore provide everything that you could look for in your website. There are several kinds of websites which we cater around the requirement of the customers, the technologies and algorithms used are different. At Amaze, we provide web designs with out of box creativity and robust efficiency.

We work towards making the website experience easy for our customers. We make sure that our customers have the website designed for them that would meet their vision. We are proud to be one of the best web design services in Bangalore. With the advancing technology, it is getting easier for the people who are not very tech savvy. We provide easy to access interface, robust design and attractive features. This is the very reason that we are the best web design

Types of web design we build


Static web design

You can opt for a static website if you have a limited content to display and you are sure that you will not make changes very often. Static websites are basically the content coded in HTML language. They are used mostly to display information or content of any sort on the website.


Dynamic Web Design

As the name suggests, dynamic websites have the tendency to change. They could be designed in such a manner that the content displayed is different for the users. It could be different on the basis of time-zone, language and other such factors. Our Website design services in Bangalore offer one of the best dynamic websites.


Responsive Web Design

Our responsive web Design Company in Bangalore provides a comprehensive deal since it is the kind of web designing that everybody wants. This kind of website could be easily accessed by different devices such as computers, phones and tablets. The size and the structure are easy to customize as per the device in use.


Customized Web Design

With customized web design, you do not have to depend on a tech savvy person for your website to bloom on the internet. In this, you could modify the content of the website on your own . This kind of website is used by the advertising and media firms.


cms web design

CMS web designing is a specialized web designing meant for developing a solid customer relationship. These kinds of websites revolve around gaining leads and further on converting these leads into customers. There are different technologies using which CMS website could be designed.


Affordable Web Design

Affordable web designs are designed in such a manner that they are informative and at the same time they fetch the requirement. These websites are used by the emerging businesses, startups and the other such customer base. They are easy to access and easy to maintain.

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Our web design company process


Requirement Gathering

Before we start with designing your website, we make sure that we gather all the necessary information that we might require for designing your website. We believe that unless our designers do not understand the purpose that you have in your mind, we would not be able to serve you the best. Hence, we collect all the possible information about your requirements before we proceed.



To create any artifact, you first need to layout a blueprint of that design; else, thats means we create photoshop web template convert to website you might end up goofing around somewhere midway. Hence, on the basis of your requirement, we plan a website and we present it to you. We are open to any inputs from our customers.



After planning the website, we take the project to designing level. We make sure that the designs we create meet the requirements of the customers and at the same time, they also be creative and attractive. We settle with the web site design only after getting approval from our clients.



Once the website is ready to roll over the face of internet, we launch them for our customers. We make sure that the websites that we design are attractive and eye-catchy. For your web design to be popular, we make sure that it is user-friendly and easy to access.



Once we launch the website of our customers on the internet, our main goal of creating a website for you is met. But we are not done here. We pledge to support our customers in case if they wish to make any changes in the content of the website. We understand that our customers might not be tech savvy and that is the reason why we support them even after the launch of the website.

Why Amaze webtech

We, at Amaze, make sure that your requirements are met and long with that, we take care that the uniqueness of your brand is reflected through your website. Your website is the face of your product and we are one of the best web design agency in Bangalore, because we ensure that we serve the best in your plates. Our team consists of the designers who value the importance of creativity. We deliver the website that meets the expectation that you have in your minds. Our low cost web design company in Bangalore believes in walking in hand with the technology and delivering the best to you by using creative minds that we value.







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