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My Journey in web development (2014 to 2020)

I started my journey in graphic design yes first I decide to learn graphic design and join one institute in Bangalore. There I learned graphic design software and done some basic graphic design works then my institute support placement assistance to join graphic design internship.

so I start my carrier in graphic design in that way my colleague advised me to start to learn and implement in HTML and CSS to do some basic web design (client project) in that time table-based website are popular no bootstrap and no responsive website.

Before start web design i dont have any idea web design just start html then start css Day by day I love more into HTML and CSS to implement web design works and I just love it then slowly I start to learn complete web designing with graphic design knowledge after 1-year completion of work experience I want to move on graphic and web designing position.

Start attend many interviews and finally, I joined one MNC in hebbal as graphic and web design position that job my main work is to convert PSD TO HTML I loved so much this work sometimes I sit and work 14 Hours bacause of interest.

After 3 years of experience in graphic and web designing slowly I start to learn PHP. I did not join any course I love self-made learning and am a slow learner day by day watch youtube (that time very less source) implement and learn PHP.

Then I joined one web development in 2016 to 2019 as a web developer at that time bootstrap are very popular so start to implement PSD TO BOOTSTRAP for front end parts in that time I worked many application project in front end in web development because am interested in the front-end-development side and am good at.

After 7 years of experience, I want to share my knowledge and experience in web development but before 15 months back I don’t know anything about the blog and earn. After reading so many information in blogging and hosting then finally i start this blog to share my knowledge in this website.