how many h1 tags use per page in SEO

how many h1 tags use per page in SEO

Headings play an essential role in structuring your site’s content.

Ranging in value levels–by the most vital H1 into the smallest segment led by H6–, headings provide both the traffic and the search engines a hint regarding the content’s hierarchy.

In any case, such keywords in the headings will be able to help you enhance your rankings.

Which are headings?

Headings are utilized to give unity and hierarchy to an internet page. It helps people quickly scan the page and helps search engines comprehend its structure and subject.

While headers play a small part in search engines’ algorithms, such as keywords in headers do lead to external relevance — and during that, enhanced ranks.

What is an H1 tag?

The H1 HTML tag is mainly used for the content title of a web page or blog post and it is the first heading visible on a page. h1 tags are will connect emotionally to your audience your users smells what kind of articles will be going to read.

H1 tags are widely used tags to any individual page of a website, no matter your website how big or small and you working as a web developer, search engine optimizer, or blogger you want to improve search engine ranking you do optimize h1 tag.

H1 tags are used to create a web page heading these tags defined as HTML heading. HTML provides 6 heading tags h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6.

 <h1> defines the most important heading 
 <h6> defines the least important heading

you can check our HTML introduction post more understanding about HTML

when you open any page or post on the website your first visual content is heading, usually, this heading comes with default h1 setting when using WordPress.

In this blog post, we use both title and heading are same, this article outline is (how many h1 tags use per page in SEO).

lets look at the practical example how to check h1 tags on website

  1. Open any website or any blog post.
  2. then press ctrl+u (windows) if you using Chrome (Mac): CMD + Option + u.
  3. then press ctrl+f one search bar will appear in the right top.
  4. Enter h1 then press enter (it will highlight how many h tags are used on that web page).

why h1 tags important for SEO

Google uses many signals to understand the context of web pages but they mainly use h1 tags and page title this is a major importance for SEO, that’s why always use keywords in the page title and heading.

h tags are very specific on-page activities, google releases many algorithms but these tags plays a significant role to improve both SEO and user experience in the very long term in SEO history.

  • These tags are mutually related to both users and search engines.
  • you can improve click-through rates when you optimize h1 tags properly.
  • your main heading will be your h1 tags these heading must be catchy and unique.
  • must include your relevant keywords on your page title users and search engines
  • will understand what topic you describe a particular post or page.

how many h1 tags should have in website

h1’s are most visible content on your web page and the major task of your h1 is to begin to satisfy the user’s intent.

Try to use one h1 tag as much as possible, every page needs one H1 tag when you using multiple h1 tags users may get confused which headings are important to start reading.

Describe your page content in headings takes this blog post as an example we describe this blog post regards how to use h1 tags for SEO we try to write answer related to that.

Your H1 should be 20 – 70 characters is enough and also Include the primary keyword for your content you missed keyword in heading you cant target and reach our audience.

Try to focus long-tail keywords in h1 for better SEO Results.

Article or heading always prefer users first when users see multiple H1 tags in the single page they easily get confused when the user open your website they have first visible content is heading

Can i use multiple H2 or H3 in single post

yes, use multiple sub-heading tags in your article you can use H2 tags to write long content and multiple sub headings (h2) Google won’t have a problem with multiple H2 tags in your article.

when you describe your article with lots of H2, h3, h4 tags Google will love it because google loves long-form articles with sub-headings.


H1s have major impact on ranking and it should be big, strong and notable content of page.

Your H1 should provide good user experience than any optimization.

your web page focus on 1 keyword but don’t over do make it natural because keyword stuffing.

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