how to install XAMPP server in windows 10 (2020)

when you want to learn PHP or doing any project on PHP you must install the XAMPP server on your system. XAMPP is a free and most used local server in the web developers environment after install XAMPP you can easily install any CMS like WordPress or Joomla on your local server.

In this blog post, we will show you a very simple way to install XAMPP 7.4.3 (stable version) released on March 3, 2020.

Let’s start the process to install XAMPP in Windows 10

step1: Download XAMPP and install for windows 10

Before installing XAMPP please check you have a 64-bit version available on your computer or laptop because of the 32-bit version not available in XAMPP (latest released).

Go to APACHE FRIENDS website once you land on this website there is one green download button available on the bottom same row 3 options are available.

how to install xampp server in windows 10

step2: click XAMPP for windows 7.4.3(PHP 7.4.3)

After click, this button one pop up window will open (xampp-Windows-x64-7.4.5-0-VC-installer.exe)
click save file

step3: RUN XAMPP server in windows 10

windows user access control asking permission for click yes to run the installer

run in XAMPP installer

step4: Antivirus warning

next antivirus warning popup message will shown before click yes you must disconnect internet connection temporarily disable then click yes,

antivirus warning message

step5: Now you can see this kind of warnings but dont worry this is common message while you intsall XAMPP just click yes user access control warning

user access control

step6: XAMPP setup interface will open click next to continue

welcome setup wizard XAMPP

step7: In this step you can select and install components depends on your need but our suggestion just leave to all checked options then click next

xampp setup wizard

step8: In this step just XAMPP ask you to choose language setup you can set up your language we select language just leave default language (English)

Step9: This step You can select which location you want to setup Installation folder just leave default C Drive setup is enough click next.

XAMPP installation folder

step9: Bitnami for XAMPP just click next

bitnami for xampp windows10

step10: Ready to install just click to next

bitnami installation final stage windows10

It will take some minutes to installation completion process then click next to finish the installation.

completing the xampp setup wizard

After install successfully then XAMPP control panel will start and open suppose it does not start just check taskbar you will see XAMPP icon click that icon and start XAMPP control panel.

XAMPP control panel started

click Apache and MySQL to start you will see green color after a click then copy http://localhost and paste it in the browser then click it.

 XAMPP localhost

It will redirect http://localhost/dashboard/ that’s it you have successfully installed XAMPPserver in windows 10 now you can check database interface by click PHPMyAdmin link in top navigation menu bar

XAMPP locolhost phpmyadmin

Take time just follow Each and every step slowly do one by one we mention above you can successfully install XAMPP server in windows 10 suppose you face any issue on installation process just check your OS properly and bit version before the start installation process.

Suppose after install XAMPP apache is not start then you can change default apache port

Lets see how to fix it

Just open XAMPP control panel and click config then choose Apache(httpd.conf) click it

How to fix apache portable error

http.conf file open notepad then scroll down and find listen 80 then you can change that port number 8080 or 8082

Xampp port change

then save that notepad file then start your apache it will work smoothly.

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