html introduction

HTML is a hyper text markup language mainly used for creating web pages on websites. HTML consist of Elements, tags, and attributes these tags are used to create the structure of web pages.

Many students or freshers want to become web developer but they don’t know where to start. HTML is the basic foundation of any newbie web developer if you want to create any simple web pages using HTML and CSS you must start to learn HTML first then followed by CSS.

Different Html versions

In 1999 HTML was developed by Tim Berners lee he is the father of HTML. HTML language is continuously evolving in 1991 to 2020.


  • basic computer fundamental knowledge.
  • Text editor to run your HTML documents like notepad++ or bracket.
  • you need a web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari) to see the output.

what is html tag

  • HTML tag is used to display structure of the web page.
  • html tags are comes with pair of opening and closing tag <h1></h1>
  • Every content goes inside closing and opening tag.
  • <br> and <hr> tags are comes with only opening tag.
what is html tags

Where HTML Program Run (process to execute)

HTML is not a programming language, Html is a markup language. HTML simply will run in our server (your computer or laptop).

Open your text editor then write this html document.
<!DOCTYPE html>
 <title>Html introduction</title>
 <p> hyper text markup language </p>

then save and run in your browser Html will tell the browser to read and display content in your web browser.


Describe Structure of HTML

<!DOCTYPE html>

Declaration for HTML5 is mainly used to tell the browser version of the HTML document. All websites have doctype Html is the first line of Html code.

<html> </html>

HTML tag is used to display a particularly given content. Generally, websites are considered in a complete rectangle box in that box has images, text, paragraphs, etc. Html tags is a container of Html elements.

<head> </head>

head tags are stored meta-information of websites like title, character set, styles, links, scripts, and author of the website.

<title> </title>

Title tags are used to provide the title of the website in this blog post we write title HTML introduction this title will understand both human and search engines.

<body> </body>

The body tag is actually visible parts of any website, on every website we write Html, head, title, and body but once we execute only body content will display the browser.

Just take our sample Html document code in this simple code we have a lot of Html tags but the only browser displays what we write inside of body tag.

<h1> </h1>

h1 tags are display heading of web pages

<p> </p>

p tags are used to show paragraph of any web pages.

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