PHP introduction

PHP is the most used scripting language in a web development environment. PHP is cross-platform server-side scripting language means first it will run on the server then it will be sent to the viewer’s web browser as a result. PHP is(recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) open-source scripting language once you learn PHP you can create any web applications like Facebook, yahoo etc.

before start PHP introduction you can check our HTML introduction post more understanding about HTML

How server-side scripting language works in PHP?


we create a lot of files using HTML CSS and js and stored in the web servers. there are many web server are available like apache, IIS.etc.

Once clients will do request(Url) those request will come to a web server then return to clients as a result(note: those web page save as .html or.htm)


But when we save our file .php extension that web server will pass a message in PHP then PHP will understand query then search content like a database or any session in a web browser then it will produce the result via a web server in search engines

php will embed a lot of scripting language and it will not run on a client machine php will run on server-side only.

what is PHP?
PHP is an acronym for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor” and it is used to create static or dynamic website PHP is interpreted language it doesn’t need a compiler.

why we use PHP

  • PHP can easily be integrated into HTML codes.
  • PHP will support client-side scripting languages like CSS and JS
  • PHP easy to learn in a very short time you will learn PHP compared to another scripting language.
  • PHP will support all hosting you can run web applications using low size VPS.
  • PHP can easily extend no need to other third-party languages.
  • Most popular blogging is based on PHP like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.
  • PHP providing fast load time.

why PHP so popular

  • PHP supports a wide range of OS and Database.
  • PHP is beginners friendly you can easily learn and build a website in PHP.
  • PHP is free and open-sources just download it from the official PHP resource:
  • PHP has majorly used scripting language around 70% of websites are run in PHP like banking, e-commerce websites, etc.
  • All popular CMS applications are based on PHP like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.
  • Ready to use e-commerce scripting are available like Magento, Zencart, etc.
  • PHP provides ready to use frameworks like Zend, Codeigniter, etc.

what PHP can do

PHP can create dynamic websites like shopping cart website or big matrimony website.
PHP can develop user input forms like login forms or collect user data with the use of PHP.
PHP can send cookies for better user experience

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