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A static website is a simple web page and this is the best way to show your personal or individual small business information online. static website design is normally build in HTML, CSS is stored in the local webserver. you can simply run in client-side server this web page will display fixed content like text, image, and videos those pages can’t change dynamically if you plan to daily update content on the website you can prefer a dynamic website.

why prefer static website design

Speed: static website are load fast compare to any dynamic website, users and google loves quick to load the website.

No plugins: no need any plugins support or you don’t need worry plugin updates static website is freely run on minimalistic code.

Security: A static website is cheap and best for security issues compared to the dynamic website before upload a static website you can take a copy of the website.

Database Errors: No need to add any database and queries when you try to visit the website sometimes THE CONNECTION COULD NOT BE ESTABLISHED this message popup because of database errors.

Hosting: when you launch a new website the biggest challenge is how to choose to host for the static website but the static website is safe to bet small hosting space enough to run static website and any basic hosting will run smoothly in search engines we launch much small business and freelancer website on simple and affordable hosting account.

Budget-Friendly: static website design is very cheap compare to dynamic, normally static website comes with 4 to 5 page and it is best for a small organization

why choose us for static website design services:

Amazewebtech is assured to deliver innovative website design services in Bangalore Nowadays digital presence is evolving day by day in such cases your website design is an online sales agent for 24 hours a day and always your website will be the best communicator tool in online visitors.

As you know the first impression will play a very significant role in any website therefore 94% of users decide to purchase or navigate based on look and feel of website design and another insight is having great web design is one of the essential marketing Resources.

Our template-based design will load quickly we assist graphic design support like web banner design etc but it will charge separately. SEO friendly static website design as an SEO services company we know the importance of SEO. we provide affordable solution everyone should take our services.

If you plan to launch decide static web design we will assist you to design simple or creative static website design we have a template-based static website design and hand-code static website design services in Bangalore depends on your requirement.

we are innovative website design services in Bangalore

  • Having a website is great but that’s not enough for online, your website must visible in search engines we do SEO friendly websites.
  • Your website must be mobile-friendly – people are spending huge on mobile devices in such case web design are not against mobile users our designs are completely responsive for all devices.
  • Fast loading website – Loading speed is must have a ranking factor in Google, on an average speed is 3 seconds even 1 seconds delays your competitors grab it.
  • Website submission – we take care of your entire website submission in google like create sitemap and upload in google search console.
  • Our web design services include HTTPS for a secure website to browse safely.
  • we integrate WhatsApp for your website.

Our website design services cost

Our web design services cost will be 8999 INR ($120) for a 5-page website this price is only for design this cost is not included in the domain and hosting. once we did the website we handover it completeness ownership for your website independently you will maintain your website we did not lock you under control of hosting renewals.

we work all kinds of projects whether you are small and enterprise we work based on requirements. suppose you have less budget we have our templates specially made in loading speed and SEO ranking. otherwise your plan is custom made we will provide we provide custom website design also.


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