what is Html and its features?

HTML stands for hypertext markup language this markup language used to create web pages and applications on the internet. It permits the user to produce and create paragraphs, sections, links, headers, and blockquotes for internet web pages. Html will play a major role in any web application but you can’t create a dynamic website.

HTML Isn’t a programming language, meaning it will not have the capability to make any dynamic web applications, with html you can create a simple static website design after learning HTML, CSS, and javascript then focus to learn PHP and build any dynamic website.

what is the meaning of html?

Hyper text:

hypertext is a word that contains links once you click that link it will redirect another website.

For example:

  <a href="https://amazewebtech.com/">Visit Amazewebtech</a> 

once you execute this code, the browser will display this word (Visit Amazewebtech) this simple word turns into a hyperlink.

what is the meaning of html

once you click this link it will redirect our website (Amazewebtech).

hyper is link and text is having that link that is called hyper text.

just imagine without hypertext we can’t open any website like google or Facebook this is use of hypertext.

Markup language:

The markup language is a combination of words and symbols and it is used to embed tags in electronic devices. Any text combines with less than(<) and greater than (>) is called markup.

Explain the features of Html in points?

Html is not hard to learn

  • Html is not a complex language you can learn very easily and use it.
  • Is Html is hard for you we can say you are not able to become a web developer.
  • many beginner web developers are just enjoying Html to learn and it is very flexible to create web pages using Html.
  • learn Html tags step by step and slowly implement advanced Html tags within 10 days you will learn.

Is html platform independent language?

  • Html code runs on any machine without any software or plugins.
  • Majorly Html can work any operating system like Windows, Linux and Macintosh etc.

is HTML not a case sensitive language?

Html is case insensitive language you can use lowercase or uppercase.


<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>features of html</title>
   <H1> html is case insensitive </h1>

In this example, we change opening tag <H1> in uppercase and closing </h1> in lowercase once you execute browser will produce the same result but keep lowercase in HTML as best practice W3C recommends.

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