what is wordpress permalinks?

WordPress permalinks are known as permanent links. The URLs in your blog posts or pages as well as category and tag archives on your website are called permalinks. permalink URL is a permanent link to your page and posts, once publish a blog post or page you are not able to change URL settings that’s why called permalinks are permanents. if you want to change permalink setting in the future it will affect SEO results.

What is WordPress slug?
Every posts or page in your website have WordPress slug,( WordPress slugs are part of your URLs, after your domain name, you can see a bit of short text or keywords are called WordPress slugs.

Why bloggers need to understand permalinks settings

many newbie bloggers just install WordPress and start writing a blog post but their blog post URLs may not friendly in search engines why because they keep default settings in permalinks. WordPress provides different types of permalinks setting options but when you install a fresh blog or website in WordPress just you have this plain setting options look like

https://yourwebsite.com/?p=123 (Non-SEO friendly)

WordPress users increasing day by day because WordPress is SEO friendly. In this URL settings are not good for SEO as well as human also not understand this URL. nowadays every blog niche has a lot of competitions in this small mistake you may lose your rankings in search engines because the permalink plays a vital role in SEO optimization.

you need to change this default setting to an optimized URL after change URL settings your blog will rank well in search engines like google, bing, etc. WordPress permalinks URL structure has to come to your web address first then followed by keywords. One of the important on-page SEO factors is having your keyword in your blog post look like

This URL setting search engines will easily understand your blog post and WordPress allows you to create a custom URL structure for your blog post, by using permalinks settings options you can easily change your permalinks settings in WordPress. When Using Custom URL structures can improve the aesthetics, usability, and forward-compatibility of your links.

As well as google suggest proper URL structure with relevant keywords can easily index and crawl your webpages and rank better in search engines too.

How to change the permalink structure in WordPress website
When you set up your blog in WordPress first you should change in your permalinks settings

Go to admin menu in WordPress dashboard -> settings -> permalinks

Which permalink settings are best for new bloggers:

WordPress has 6 different types of permalink settings options

Default: This plain setting option is default WordPress URL structure It will look like your domain name then followed by post ID (https://yourwebsite.com/?p=123 )

Day and Name: In these options, you have domain name followed by the year, month, date This URL too lengthy has date options if you want to show date in URL or run news website you can use this options.

Month and Name: same as above options like domain name followed by the year, month

Numeric: https://yourwebsite.com/archives/123

Post Name: Post name option is short URL In this short URL is simple and SEO friendly

In this blog we use post name permalink setting which is SEO friendly

Go to settings then select post name and save changes.

Custom Structure: In this URL structure you can add category and post name, you have large
a number of articles you can use this settings You can create custom URL structure by using various tags:
%year%, %monthnum%, %day%, %hour%, %minute%, %second%,

Here you can select post name we use post name option in Our blog, Post name is the best option for Search engines, As a beginner you can use this short URL version because longer URL is not good for Search engines without confusing we recommend post name option. But you can check and implement every option in permalink settings then you can choose which is best for your needs.

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