WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

Anyone can start a blog and earn money in blogging whether you can start personal blogs or business blog or any particular topics which are more interested in you start a blog and teach something to people who want to learn something about your niche from your blog and you may inspire who need useful articles in your niche not only human google also nicely receive great content.

you can start a blog and write what you really love and express yourself as a blogger, blogging will teach you a lot and you can build a personal brand too.

For example, you are a yoga trainer you are passionate about yoga you can start blog write some fruitful articles about various asanas who want to learn something about yoga. In this way, you will also learn something about your niche and you can build your brand as a yoga teacher but passion plays a major role in success in the blogging industry and you can earn money with blogging so many different ways.

when you decide to start a blog many questions come on your mind whether how to start a blog, how to choose your domain name for blogging and which hosting is good for you but the main thing is which blogging platform is good for blogging. because you have so many options to start blogs all blogging options have their own pros and cons which one is suited for you. In this article we will not discuss all blogging platforms we will pick to discuss what is the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org.

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As you know WordPress is the first choice to prefer to create any type of blog. There are many blogging platforms are available but why many well-known bloggers are suggested to use WordPress in your blog because WordPress is easy to use and you have many benefits of using WordPress trust me you can any create any type of websites or blog in WordPress. no doubt WordPress is a good choice for blogging but the beginning stage of bloggers doesn’t know WordPress has two different variations.

One is wordpress.org (self-hosted version)
another is wordpress.com

Both WordPress platforms are not the same both wordpress.org and wordpress.com run on a different platform and different software.

we will discuss the pros and cons of both which is best for your needs, In this blog post, we will tell you which platform we used in our blog.


This organization provides you free and open source you can download from wordpress.org and install on your own web hosting account build your website but you need to buy your custom domain name and web hosting account first also should renew monthly or yearly for your domain and hosting fees.

wordpress.org is a one-click installation and easy to install before installing you need to check web hosting company they will provide necessary software.

Huge number of free and premium themes are available from wordpress.org to pick any theme then modify or customize that theme as your taste or you can upload your own custom theme also and you can modify your theme using HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.

plugins are the most important factor to built your dream website. wordpress.org allows all free and paid plugins you can choose any plugins independently to extend your website functionality. using WordPress backup plugins take backups of your website and you can install SEO plugins also to maximize your search engine results and You must regularly update your theme and plugins.

you can set up your own e-commerce store to sell any physical or digital products.

with good content and decent visitors, you can use your blog as many ad services like Google AdWords, sell ads, sell digital products or affiliate marketing, etc. And the very important thing is whatever you earn with your blog keep your earnings yourself and no one will come to share or own your online income, another advantage is you can set up your own custom domain like www.amazewebtech.com

You have lots of theme options almost major themes are Mobile friendly responsive themes and it is a must for SEO purposes.

you can set customize permalinks and you can use Speed optimization plugins, Rich snippet plugins for SEO benefits.

Use Google Analytics and measure your SEO results as well as you will get information about website traffic and users in this Analytics you can improve your SEO results.


wordpress.org vs wordpress.com Usually, you don’t need any domain or hosting plans its free just sign up in wordpress.com pick your theme then start your blog here no installing or downloading they take care of your entire websites like backups, security updates, and upgrades.

wordpress.org vs wordpress.com They offer basic themes with limited functionality with this free basic plan you cannot customize or upload custom theme you can use themes from their WordPress theme repository, but you can upgrade your plan to the premium they offer more features.

wordpress.org vs wordpress.com wordpress.com blog is free but you cannot monetize your blog they show their own ads to your blog and
wordpress.com offer free plan but this plan limits you to 3GB of data and a subdomain like mywebsite.wordpress.com but they will allow affiliate linking like selling books, selling clothes or WordAds but they have some restrictions to do affiliate links they are not allowed multi-level marketing programs, disreputable merchants, pornography, malware, or phishing-type scams.

wordpress.org vs wordpress.com They does not allow to display your brand name in the footer area or you need pay to remove it.


we always prefer wordpress.org to start your blog not only blogs you can build professional or corporate websites with .org but bit cost you domain and hosting price but it will worth it has a lot of benefits with these options.

.com version is best for fun blog or you want improve your writing skills start with .com you will definitely reduce your time and cost but you don’t have ownership of your website.

It completely depends on your preference

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