WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org


WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org which one is best for you?

WordPress is the most popular open-source CMS platform based on PHP and MySQL, with WordPress you can create any kind of website.

why you search in google about the difference between wordpress.com vs wordpress.org, because you want to start a new website or blogging in WordPress.

why everyone suggest wordpress?

everyone will say WordPress is very popular and easy to use, even we also say WordPress is popular because in this blog running in WordPress.

When you search about WordPress.com vs wordpress.org then you already know WordPress is not same, WordPress has 2 extension like wordpress.com and wordpress.org.

which platform I choose, this is your main doubt we clarify your doubt but you are a decision-maker based on your requirement you can choose the WordPress platform.

lets start the difference between wordpress.org and wordpress.com


Open source:

wordpress.org is open source and 100% free to use any one can download and build any websites like membership website or e-commerce.

Free to use:

wordpress.org is completely free to download and use no need to pay anything or anyone.


Once you download from wordpress.org you must have your own domain and hosting to install WordPress website on your hosting account.

Self hosting:

wordpress.org is a self-hosted WordPress platform, one-click installation, and easy to install before installing you need to check web hosting company will provide the necessary software to install WordPress smoothly. Self hosted WordPress website run on your control and you own your content and website.

Unlimited free themes:

WordPress.org provides you a number of free themes just go to the official directory at WordPress.org you will see 7,474 themes are available to pick any theme to use. In these free themes you can modify or customize based on your requirement or you can upload your own customize theme independently.

Premium theme options:

you can use a free theme from wordpress.org and you can easily install premium themes. On this website we use generate press premium version or you want niche based custom made themes you can check Themeforest.


wordpress.org provides you 56,492 free plugins to extend your website functionality and you can use premium plugins to build dream websiteswithout coding knowledge.

Security and Backups:

you are the only responsible to take care of your website security and backups and you have to install free WordPress plugins for security and backups.

Advertise friendly:

You can monetize your website as you want to display any advertisements and earn money. you can collaborate with any third-party ads like Adsense and BuySellAds and no need to share your online income to anyone.

Google anlytics:

you can use google analytics to track your website visitors like traffic, age, country, and demographics, etc.

E-commerce store:

you can easily setup your online store using woo-commerce plugins you can accept payments or edit products.


wordpress.org vs wordpress.com Free:

In this free plan, You don’t need to buy a domain your website URL looks like (yoursite.wordpress.com). if you upgrade the premium plan you can set up a custom domain name.

wordpress.org vs wordpress.com hosting:

wordpress.com is free you can host your blog or website with limited space 3GB with this free plan you can install a free SSL certificate.

wordpress.org vs wordpress.com Themes:

wordpress.com provides dozens of free themes in this free plan, but you want unlimited premium themes or advanced design customization you must upgrade personal or premium plan.

wordpress.org vs wordpress.com Plugins:

You have limited plugins options like sharing, stats, comments but you want to extend functionality options you must enable the business plan.

wordpress.org vs wordpress.com Security and Backups:

wordpress.com takes complete care of your website no need to update plugins or taking backups your website.

wordpress.org vs wordpress.com Non-advertise friendly:

This is one major drawback while using wordpress.com, yes you can’t show your own ads but once you write content they will show their ads earn money, you want to earn independently with wordpress.com you must shift free plan to premium plan.

wordpress.org vs wordpress.com Google analytics:

Google Analytics is a very important tool to integrate your website and you can track visitors. wordpress.com you cant install analytics plugin until you upgrade premium plans.

wordpress.org vs wordpress.com E-commerce store:

you can set up an e-commerce store with wordpress.com but you need to signup their e-commerce plan once you sign up you can enable all premium options.

WordPress.org and WordPress.com price comparison


It completely depends on you like choosing a hosting company and which hosting plan you are choosing.and you want to setup a blog or small business website.

Domain cost – $9 to $10 per year (we prefer always to buy .com extension)
Hosting – you can choose on your own based on your needs


wordpress.com is free and easy to set up, this free version (website name) will come under a subdomain and WordPress.com’s own ads

They have 5 plans including:
free – free
personal – ₹160 ($2.11) per month, billed yearly.
premium – ₹280 ($3.70) per month, billed yearly.
business – ₹640 ($8.46) per month, billed yearly.
Ecommerce – ₹1,152 ($15.23)per month, billed yearly.

wordpress.com vs wordpress.org for blogging

when you decide to start a blog many questions come on your mind whether how to start a blog, how to choose your domain name for blogging, and which hosting is good for you but the main thing is which platform is good for blogging.

If you interested in a particular topic you can start a blog and earn money in blogging. choosing a niche and start a blog is not enough you must choose right blogging platform to achieve your goals.


  • wordpress.org is the perfect choice to start a blog and make money.
  • wordpress.org is a one-click installation.
  • you can install any theme as you want.
  • you can install third-party themes In this blog we install generate press premium theme.
  • Easy Monetize (google AdSense) or affiliate marketing.


  • wordpress.com is best for hobby bloggers you can try trail and error method.
  • wordpress.com is free no need to buy domain and hosting.
  • wordpress.com takes 5 minutes to install and start write content.
  • No need to worry about update plugins or themes.


we always prefer WordPress.org to start your blog, professional or corporate websites with wordpress.org it will worth it has a lot of benefits.

.com version is best for a fun blog or you want improve your writing skills start with wordpress.com you will definitely reduce your time and cost but you don’t have ownership of your website.

It completely depends on your preference, you are a decision-maker based on your requirement you can choose the WordPress platform.

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